Granite Base with Outriggers

We are very pleased to offer our 2" and 3" thick granite stands with outriggers. for speaker or component use.

These are ideal for subs and speakers that do not have inserts or require additional stability and isolation.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship as these are custom built.

These ship standard with our 1.50" black nickel cones. They have the same tip options as our standard outriggers. We can build these up with the rounded end bars as well, just let us know.



- 1/4" thick HRPO (steel) outrigger bars with durable black powder coat finish.
- Comfort grip fiberglass filled polypropylene knob (soft to the touch)
- All Brass precision machined cones with black or gold nickel finish.
- 2" and 3" thick granite depending on size (see below)
- Each cones has two piece threaded tip design allowing additional level adjustment.
- 100 lb /sq. in. tension spring for positive knob feedback.

*** Note *** Qty 1 = One (enough for one speaker, subwoofer, or component)

Order (2) if you are ordering for a pair of speakers.

Additional shipping costs based on weight and size have been included in product price for shipping within the US.


Hear what others have to say about our outriggers.



Granite Base with Outriggers



Granite Stand with Outriggers 




  Granite size & Price Part Number
  6" Wide x 8" Deep x 2" Thick ($225) P/N GO-6X8

  9" Wide x 12" Deep x 2" Thick ($250) P/N GO-9X12

  12" Wide x 18" Deep x 3" Thick ($275) P/N GO-12X18

  18" Wide x 18" Deep x 3" Thick ($300) P/N GO-18X18

  18" Wide x 24" Deep x 3" Thick ($325) P/N GO-18X24


Granite Stand with Outriggers 






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