Low Profile Caster Version

We are very pleased to offer our new low profile caster version outrigger.

The caster option is made for those users that need to move their speakers often. Remember, when pushing you speakers around please push at the bottom of your speaker to reduce the risk of tip over!!

The caster option outriggers are built custom and require (2) weeks to build and ship.

Our outrigger (Spike Bar) sets are available in (5) different sizes to fit all standard speaker and subwoofer sizes.

Each set includes standard hardware to mount to your speaker. If your speakers already have inserts installed then simply replace the standard 1/4-20 installation bolts included with your order with bolts having the same thread size of your inserts. Most speaker already have inserts installed.

Speakers of non-rectangular shape may require a couple different size outriggers.
Ex: A pair of Kef 206 speakers would require one pair of SBN9 for the fronts and one pair of SBN7 for the rear.
Click here for visual example



- 1/4" thick HRPO (steel) main bars with durable black powder coat finish.
- All steel 1.50" knobs. Powder coated black mini tex same as our bars
- Durable 1.50" diameter polyurethane wheel and metal frame
- Adjustable height allows for superb level adjustment at final positioning. Approx. .75" height adjustment.
- Ball bearing swivel for smooth motion.
- All steel with zinc plate 1/4-20 wood inserts for DIY insert installation
- All steel mounting hardware (Bolts & Washers for 1/4-20 for installation)

*** Note *** Qty 1 = one pair (enough for one speaker or subwoofer)

Order (2) if you are ordering for a pair of speakers.


Hear what others have to say about our outriggers.



Low Profile Caster Outriggers



Outriggers with casters for floor standing speakers




  Rubber Feet Version
  6" to 9.10" ($160.00 per pair) P/N LPC7

  9.11" to 11.35" ($170.00 per pair) P/N LPC9

  11.36" to 13.60" ($180.00 per pair) P/N LPC11

  13.61"to 15.85" ($190.00 per pair) P/N LPC13

  15.86" to 18.10" ($200.00  per pair) P/N LPC15


Tall Floor Standing Speaker with outriggerss



We have another taller caster version.

Taller Caster Version Click Here






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